Aqua Pool Opening/Closing Kit


Contains: Nok-Out 1 L, Cop-Out 1 L, Brite Plus 1 kg

Aqua Nok-Out 20% 1L

Used to control the growth of algae in swimming pools, being effective on green, mustard and other algae. 20% concentrated non-foaming algaecide.

Aqua Cop-Out 1L

To prevent stains and scale build-up from occuring and to aid in removing existing stains and minerals such as iron, copper, and calcium.Eliminates water discoloration due to metals and minerals.

Aqua Brite Plus 1kg

A non-halogenated (contains no chlorine or bromine) oxidizing agent to be used for “shock treating” swimming pool water. Dissolves completely with no calcium buildup. Reduced skin and eye irritation caused by chloramines.

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