Metal Removal Kit


Introducing the Metal Removing Chemical Kit for Swimming Pools, the ultimate solution for removing unwanted metals from your pool water. This kit is specially designed to effectively eliminate metals such as copper, iron, and manganese that can cause unsightly staining and discoloration of your pool surfaces.

The kit includes a powerful metal sequestrant that works by binding with the metals in your pool water, preventing them from staining or discoloring your pool surfaces. It also contains a metal removing agent that helps to break down and remove any existing metal stains in your pool.

Easy to use, simply add the required amount of the metal sequestrant and metal removing agent to your pool water, following the instructions provided in the kit. The kit is suitable for use in all types of pools, including saltwater pools, and is safe for use with all pool chemicals.

Say goodbye to unsightly metal stains and discoloration and enjoy crystal clear, sparkling pool water with the Metal Removing Chemical Kit for Swimming Pools.

Aqua Cop-Out 1L

To prevent stains and scale build-up from occuring and to aid in removing existing stains and minerals such as iron, copper, and calcium.Eliminates water discoloration due to metals and minerals.

Aqua pH Plus 8kg

A dry granular material used to raise the pH of swimming pool water.

Aqua pH Minus 8kg

A dry granular material used to lower the pH of swimming pool water.

Naturally Aqua Stain Out 850g

Use Naturally Aqua Stain Out and CuLator to remove badly stained swimming pool fiberglass stairs. The stain vanishes before your eyes.


This test strip is a dip-n-read strip with instant results. Each bottle includes 50 test strips packaged in a waterproof PopTop bottle with hinged cap. The Insta-TEST® 6 Plus is the ultimate pool strip allowing the user to measure all 6 tests to help maintain perfect water balance.

Aqua Super Shock 900g

Unstabilized chlorine for weekly shock treatment. No need to pre-dissolve.

  1. Test the water. Ensure pH is around 7.2 using pH Minus or pH Plus.
  2. Spread Stain Out evenly around the perimeter of the swimming pool.
  3. Brush down the entire pool liner thoroughly.
  4. Pour 1L of Cop-Out into the swimming pool.
  5. Fill both bags with the polyester. Note you do not need to over pack the bags.
  6. Install one bag into the skimmer of the pool. Install the other inside the pool pump basket.
  7. Continue to run the pool 24hrs a day until process is complete. Once per day remove the polyester filling from the bags, replace with new polyester filling, and reinstall. The dirty polyester should be discolored.
  8. Add 250ml of Cop-Out each day until supply runs out.
  9. Continue replacing polyester daily until discoloration stops.
  10. Once the removal process is complete (may take up to 2 weeks) add the super shock to the swimming pool.