Inground Pool Construction in the Sarnia, Ontario Area

Our pool builders are ready to help you with your 2022 backyard swimming pool plans

By popular demand Coastal Pools is coming to Sarnia to help more families enjoy their own backyard swimming pool.  If you are in the Sarnia/Lambton county area and are thinking of building a pool? Now is the time to start. This will give allow time for planning, designing, budgeting, and getting permits. With that out of the way Coastal Pools can get to your pool built earlier in the season.

Why Pick Coastal Pools as Your Pool Contractor?

  1. We still have openings for 2022 builds. Many of our competitors are booked up.
  2. We can build your pool in two to three weeks.
  3. Financing is available. For those that qualify this will allow payments to be stretched over time.
  4. Zac, the owner of Coastal Pools has almost a decade of experience working with pools. Your project is in good hands.
  5. Coastal Pools has over fifty 5 star reviews on Google. Go with a company that has a track record of doing great pool maintenance.
  6. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company
  7. Our designer uses 3D modeling software to help you visualize what your pool will look like in your backyard before any physical work is done.

Why Build a Private Backyard Swimming Pool?

1. Spending Memorable Time with Family and Friends:

Your kids will love their new popularity. What potential child friend would turn down the invite to swim on a hot summer’s day? As a parent now that you have the kids in your backyard you can keep a better eye on them as they will be in or around the pool.

When you want to entertain your family and friends a swimming pool is an excellent way to interest them to come over. Your friends can and just lounge near the pool or take a swim in it. Add some drinks, grab some burgers, crank up the barbeque and you have yourself a classic pool party.

Additionally you will naturally spend more time with your family if you spend more time at home and go out less. Why go away to a resort on vacation just to swim when you can have a staycation and swim in your own home.

2. Your Swimming Pool Can Help Reduce Your Stress Levels

Here’s 5 ways that owning a pool can help you relax.

  1. You can enjoy watching the moon cast its glow over stillness of the pool’s water. What a peaceful way to end the day!
  2. How about gliding across the surface of the water with that weightless feeling? It’s like heaven on earth!
  3. Don’t feel like a swim? Relax by lounging around the pool. It’s tranquil to open a book and just enjoy the peacefulness.
  4. Since the pool is only steps away from your home you can take a quick dip at the end of a long workday. As it is your pool you can take a swim anytime you desire. Many public pools during COVID restrictions are requiring that appointments be made.
  5. As your pool is private you won’t have to worry about body image issues as you would if you went to a public pool or beach and had dozens of people looking at you.
    The low impact exercise of swimming allows it to relieve a considerable amount of pressure on the body, thereby reducing stress levels.

Our customers say that swimming

    • relieves stress, anxiety, and tension after a long day at work
    • makes them feel good about themselves
    • has a positive psychological impact and that it enhances their mental well-being

3. Swim in a Comfortable Environment and Teach Your Kids How To Do It

Can’t find a pool near you to teach your kids how to swim? How about starting them off in a more familiar environment?
Swimming lessons can be taught in the pool of your home. Your children will feel more at ease in their familiar surroundings.
The convenience of having private swimming lessons right outside the back door, whether you hire an instructor or teach the children yourself, is pretty awesome. Not to mention the time you save by not having to travel.

4. Your Home Will Be More Valuable

The value of your home increases when you add a swimming pool.

5. Makes your backyard more appealing

You’ve probably seen backyards without pools that don’t look good. Big backyards were made for pools. Your backyard can be transformed with the addition of a pool. Adding one will mean that you have built your own personal suburban paradise. You will have your own pristine, shining body of water.

6. Swimming is a Great Way to Exercise:

Swimming is one of the best methods to increase strength and muscle strength.  Why?  Swimming is a complete body workout.  It targets both your secondary and primary muscles. You can therefore work more muscles in your swim by incorporating just a few different strokes than a weightlifting session at the gym would.  The low impact nature of swimming makes it possible to do almost anything in it with minimal strain, from a few laps of breaststroke to a 500 meter freestyle crawl. Compared to running your muscles and joints will be less stressed as a result. Because of this, swimming makes a great alternative to people with arthritis. This means that you can exercise harder without worrying about injuring yourself.

Additionally when you work up a sweat swimming all of your sweat is washed away into the water.  You will also feel good after a good swim too.

Let’s get started on your Sarnia pool construction project. Contact Coastal pools today by calling (519) 702-2777 or by filling out the form below to book your appointment with our pool designer.  There is a limited number of pool construction projects we can build per year and those project are filling up fast.  The sooner you contact us the better the chance that your project could be one of those initiatives.