A London, Ontario photograph of Coastal Pools owner Zac's snow removal tractor.

Free Up Your Time with Our Snow Removal Service!

Time is one of the most essential things we have.  No matter how much money we have there is no way to create more of it.  This is why time is one of the most valuable resources we have.  One way to maximize your time is to have other people take care of the small things in life.

By handing off your snow removal to the pros at Coastal pools you are letting someone else remove the snow from your driveway this winter it means less time you have to spend shoveling by hand or plowing your own driveway.  Even if you own your own snow blower it still takes time to get dressed, start the snow plow, and to maintain that snow plow.  All of these activities results in less time with your kids, spouse, friends, and business.  You can free up your time for what matters most in life.  It’s time to contact Coastal Pools for their snow removal package.


Why Hire Coastal Pools for your snow plowing needs?

The Coastal Pool team is keen to provide efficient, hassle free snow clearing of your driveway. It’s more affordable than you think. Now is the time to join those who enjoy not having to worry about our harsh winter weather.

We always ensure your laneway is taken care of, never allowing snow to build up past 6 inches. Coastal Pools has a 2 inch (5cm) trigger to dispatch our services. We only blow the snow so as to never leave annoying piles at the end of your driveway. If you hate those nasty ice filled windrows the city plows leave behind do not worry, we take care of those too, included with the seasonal package!.

We service the London neighbourhoods of Northcrest, Northdale, Western Sunningdale, and Uplands.  We also serve Arva. Please see the map to see if your home is in our area.