A London, Ontario photograph of Coastal Pools owner Zac's snow removal tractor.

The Coastal Pool team is keen to provide efficient, hassle free snow clearing of your driveway. It’s more affordable than you think. Now is the time to join those who enjoy not having to worry about our harsh winter weather.

We always ensure your laneway is taken care of, never allowing snow to build up past 6 inches. Coastal Pools has a 2 inch (5cm) trigger to dispatch our services. We only blow the snow so as to never leave annoying piles at the end of your driveway. If you hate those nasty ice filled windrows the city plows leave behind do not worry, we take care of those too, included with the seasonal package!.

We service the London neighbourhoods of Northcrest, Northdale, Western Sunningdale, and Uplands.  We also serve Arva. Please see the map to see if your home is in our area.