Coastal Pools proudly presents a transformative approach to pool maintenance: The Mobile Chemical Testing Lab. This cutting-edge service brings the expertise and comprehensive benefits of a pool store directly to your doorstep, offering an unparalleled level of convenience and precision in water testing and chemical management. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to the pool store and hello to more free time, whether you’re at work or enjoying your leisure.

Bronze Chemical Service:

This option caters to those who seek to procure only the essential chemicals required to adjust water chemistry during the service appointment, provided in precise quantities for specific corrections.

Silver Chemical Service:

Tailored for those who desire to purchase essential chemicals for adjusting water chemistry during the service appointment, along with maintaining a one-month supply for ongoing adjustments until the next testing period. Existing chemicals will be replenished only if a larger quantity is required, as we pride ourselves on efficient chemical inventory management.

Gold Chemical Service:

Designed for those who wish to purchase essential chemicals for adjusting water chemistry during the service appointment and maintaining a one-month supply for ongoing adjustments. Additionally, this package includes ensuring inventory of supplementary products such as Heat Lock, Enzymes, Phosphate Removal Tabs, and Clear Cube. While these products don’t directly influence basic pool chemistry, they significantly enhance water quality by optimizing filtration, heater efficiency, and controlling scum, oil, and phosphate levels. Existing chemicals will be replenished if needed, reflecting our commitment to efficient chemical inventory management.

Why Our Mobile Chemical Testing Lab Stands Out

Our Mobile Chemical Testing Lab is crafted with your pool’s health and your convenience at its core. By conducting accurate water testing directly at your pool and inspecting your pool’s liner and equipment without extra cost, we ensure your swimming oasis is always in peak condition.

Efficient and Economical: For an affordable fee of $50 per visit, this service not only includes professional water testing but also rewards you with a $50 credit towards any chemicals purchased during the visit. Enjoy a service that essentially pays for itself, while you keep your schedule uninterrupted, whether you’re busy at home or away at work.

Thoughtful Chemical Management: Our commitment extends beyond just supplying chemicals. We take a mindful approach to your pool’s chemical needs. Recognizing the importance of managing chemical inventory wisely, we ensure you won’t be sold chemicals you already have in sufficient supply for the month. Our goal is to minimize the volume of product you need to keep on hand, ensuring you only spend on what is necessary for maintaining your pool’s balance and clarity. While the volume of products may vary, our priority is to limit overstock and ensure cost-efficiency for our customers.

Our Mobile Lab seamlessly integrates into your schedule with monthly visits, ensuring your pool maintenance is always on track.

By performing tests right at your pool, we achieve the most precise adjustments needed for perfect water balance.

Benefit from our comprehensive inspections of your pool’s liner and equipment during each visit, at no additional cost.

Tailored to your pool’s specific needs, we supply the necessary chemicals without duplicating what you already have, ensuring efficient and cost-effective pool care.

Choose how you manage your chemical needs, from immediate balancing to strategic monthly stocking, including options for specialized treatments.

We aim to streamline your chemical stock by not selling you chemicals you already have unless more is needed for the month. This approach reduces unnecessary stock and ensures you’re only purchasing what’s essential for your pool’s care.

With a $50 fee for the visit that immediately converts into a credit for any chemical purchases, the service essentially pays for itself. Plus, our strategy of limiting overstock on chemicals you already have ensures you’re not spending money on unnecessary inventory.

Yes! From essential pool chemistry to specialized treatments for clarity and efficiency, our comprehensive service covers every aspect of pool care, tailored to your specific requirements.

In the event of an emergency or if your pool needs immediate attention, Coastal Pools is here to assist. We understand that issues can arise unexpectedly, which is why we offer the flexibility to schedule an additional Mobile Lab visit outside your regular monthly service. Our priority is to ensure your pool remains in optimal condition, so we’re always ready to help when you need us most.

Our Mobile Chemical Testing Lab service is designed to be a comprehensive yet hands-off solution for your pool care needs. During each visit, we diagnose your pool’s chemical balance and overall health, sell the necessary chemicals, and provide detailed instructions for you to apply them. Please note that while we equip you with everything needed for a healthy pool, we do not perform chemical application or repairs during our visit. If our inspection reveals any issues that require professional attention, our team will follow up with appropriate quotes for the necessary repairs or maintenance work. This approach ensures you have all the information and resources needed to maintain your pool, while also providing options for additional services through Coastal Pools.

It’s essential to work with a qualified contractor and team. Many details go into creating a safe and beautiful swimming pool. You will need a committed and experienced team behind you.

Coastal Pools offers customers:

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Five-Star Reviews on Google
  • An Impeccable Track Record of Happy Clients
  • A Locally Owned and Operated Team in London, ON
  • A Quick Turnaround Time to Start Pool Builds.
  • Availability and Customer Support for All Our Clients

With Coastal Pools’ Mobile Chemical Testing Lab, enjoy the epitome of convenience, precision, and thoughtful pool care, all brought directly to your home. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing pool chemicals and the unnecessary stock. Let us take care of everything, ensuring your pool is perfect for every dip. Contact us today to schedule your service or to discover more about how we can transform your pool maintenance routine. Coastal Pools is here to keep your pool sparkling with minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment.