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Heavy Duty Inground Pool Safety Covers

Your swimming pool is a significant investment, and you want to keep it looking great for years to come. A new safety cover is one of the best ways to protect your investment and ensure the safety of your family and friends.

There are many types of pool safety covers on the market, but not all are created equal. Our safety covers are some of the strongest and most durable covers available. They are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and keep your pool clean and safe.

The benefits of our pool safety covers are numerous. Here is a look at just a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you purchase one of our covers:

One of the most important benefits of our pool safety covers is providing a safe area for children and pets. Our covers are strong and sturdy and will prevent your kids and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. You can have peace of mind knowing that your children and pets are safe when you have a pool safety cover installed by Coastal Pools.

Another great benefit of our pool safety covers is that they will eliminate unwanted debris from getting into your pool. This is especially important in autumn when leaves are falling from the trees. Our covers will keep your pool clean and free of debris so there is less to clean when you open it.

As well as keeping your pool clean, our pool safety covers will also improve the appearance of your pool. They are available in various colours and styles to match the look of your yard.

Coastal Pools is proud to offer high-quality pool safety covers to our customers in London, Ontario. Talk to us to find a style and colour that works for you.

In addition to the safety and aesthetic benefits of our pool safety covers, they will also save you money on pool maintenance. Your pool will be over-full in the spring, so when we do the first vacuum we remove any debris, and at the same time will get your water level to the right place. Essentially, our pool covers will eliminate the need for adding water to your pool in the spring ($200 to $300 in savings each year).

Other covers displace water, which wastes the good water under the cover, so when you pump out the bad water on top you have to add more to make up for it.

Pool Safety Covers


Our pool safety covers consist of a mesh weave (webbing) that we offer in two styles.

  1. Standard Mesh Weave blocks 91% of UV rays.
  2. Mesh 99, is a tighter weave that blocks 99% of UV rays.

Size and Shape

Coastal Pools measures every pool that requires a safety cover. If your pool is a rectangle, there is a chance we can purchase a stock cover, however, most pool sizes require a custom-ordered safety cover to ensure a perfect fit.


As pricing varies depending on your pool’s shape, size and style, contact us to get a free quote.


We offer four colours for your pool safety cover.

  • Grey Mesh is the most popular colour. Be sure to book ahead of time while supplies are in stock.
  • Taupe Mesh is a grey-brown colour.
  • Blue Mesh
  • Green Mesh

It’s essential to work with a qualified contractor and team. Many details go into creating a safe and beautiful swimming pool. You will need a committed and experienced team behind you.

Coastal Pools offers customers:

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Five-Star Reviews on Google
  • An Impeccable Track Record of Happy Clients
  • A Locally Owned and Operated Team in London, ON
  • A Quick Turnaround Time to Start Pool Builds.
  • Availability and Customer Support for All Our Clients

Yes, we do. Almost all covers are custom measured except for specific rectangular style pools with standard stock fits.

We do not offer above-ground pool safety covers. The closest thing we can offer you is an eliminator cover. An eliminator cover is a winter cover which has a drain in the middle so the cover does not displace water. The only difference is that it is not designed to support a significant amount of weight. These are quite good for above ground pools.

When you purchase your pool safety cover from us, you also receive:
  • Pool safety cover anchors
  • Springs
  • Installation, which is included in your quote
The installation often occurs when your pool closes, or within a few days.

You can expect approximately six to eight weeks turnaround time on all pool safety cover ordering and installation. Contact us for the most up to date timeline.

When taken care of, pool safety covers can last up to twenty-five years.

All information related to our pool safety cover‘s warranty can be found here.

There are two types of covers.
  • The 5×5 (strap every five feet)
  • The 3×3 (strap every three feet)
The more straps, the more weight your pool cover can hold. Both types of pool covers are very strong. Often referred to as “Elephant Covers” because of the advertising that mentioned an elephant could walk on them. Even though these covers can hold you, we do not recommend repeated walking on top of them. Over time, this stretches them and reduces their lifespan. Walking on the cover, your feet will get a little wet. The material is meshed and will dip into the pool water. The great thing about these covers is they can hold snow with no issue, so you will not need to shovel it off.

As London’s top-rated pool service company, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service experience. We offer a full range of pool products and services, from weekly cleaning and maintenance to winterizing and opening your pool. We also offer repairs and replacement parts for all major brands of pools and equipment. Contact us now for all your pool needs.