Pool Openings

Make sure your swimming pool is in good hands this spring. Coastal pools will ensure the start to your swimming season is smooth and enjoyable. We include a number of services with our pool openings. Coastal Pools will drain your winter cover and clean it of debris. We will ensure it is removed safely and properly, and that the cover is folded and/or rolled up to be packed away nicely for the summer. We will reassemble your previously winterized pool equipment and ensure that each part is functioning as intended…

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Service Calls

Coastal Pools is equipped to solve all your pool needs. If you feel as though sometime is wrong with your swimming pool, give us a call and we will send an experienced technician to your home. Our technicians are excellent at diagnosing problems, and offer you the best solutions. 

Examples of service calls:…

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Liner Replacements

Coastal Pools has experienced employees for all your liner needs. We will custom measure each new liner to ensure a perfect fit. No need to worry about your old liner, Coastal Pools will remove it and dispose of it for you. The pool will be professionally prepared for the new liner to give it the longest life possible…

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Weekly Pool Maintenance Service

Have you ever found yourself struggling to understand your swimming pools chemistry? Do you work long weeks and just want to enjoy your swimming pool when the day is done? Coastal Pools can take care of your pool for you! 

Coastal Pools will come out to your swimming pool once a week and perform necessary checks on all aspects of your swimming pool…

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Pool Closings

It is always sad to put the swimming pool away for the season. This is also the most important time, to make sure your swimming pool is closed properly saving you headaches and money come spring. Coastal Pools will remove all leaves and debris from the swimming pool, and ensure the water level is lowered to the appropriate level. We will add winterizing chemicals to your pools water to ensure it stays nice all winter long…

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Safety Covers

Consider a swimming pool safety cover for your winter pool close. Here are some reasons why. They are much more visually appealing than traditional pool covers. They are called safety covers or elephant covers as they can easily support the weight of children and pets. Lastly they save you money. When using a safety cover no water needs to be added to the pool in the spring! The water savings help pay for your safety cover and keep your children and pets as safe as possible…

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Snow Removal

The Coastal Pool team is keen to provide efficient, hassle free snow clearing of your driveway. It’s more affordable than you think. Now is the time to join those who enjoy not having to worry about our harsh winter weather.

We always ensure your laneway is taken care of…

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