At Coastal Pools, we understand the stress that a leaky swimming pool can cause. Whether it’s a small underground drip or a major break in the pipe beneath concrete, we’ve got you covered. We’re thrilled to introduce our innovative epoxy pipe coating service, a non-invasive solution to virtually all pool leak situations.

Our highly skilled team uses a cutting-edge epoxy coating, a robust adhesive that can be applied to your pool’s underground pipes without the need for invasive excavation. This innovative technology allows us to mend leaks swiftly and efficiently, ensuring your swimming fun isn’t disrupted for long.

Our repair process is designed with your convenience in mind. It’s completed over two days, minimizing downtime and allowing you to return to your pool as quickly as possible. On the first day, we’ll identify the leak and apply the epoxy coating. This powerful adhesive seals the leak, forming a waterproof barrier that withstands the pressure of your pool’s water and the surrounding earth.

On the second day, all pipes undergo a rigorous pressure test. This crucial step ensures that the repair is secure and the pool system is operating correctly. Only when the pipes pass this test do we consider the repair complete. This two-day process has been proven effective in countless situations, from minor leaks to significant pipe breaks

For customers who choose to have their pools winterized by Coastal Pools, we offer an additional bonus: any epoxy repairs made during the three-year warranty period are guaranteed, even through the harsh winter months. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool is protected, and so is your investment in its repair.

One of the most significant benefits of our epoxy repair service is that there is no need to empty your pool. This not only saves water but also saves you the time and inconvenience associated with refilling and re-balancing your pool’s water chemistry. With our innovative repair techniques, your swimming schedule can proceed with barely a ripple.

We’re confident in our ability to repair nearly any pipe break situation. However, if for some reason we can’t fix it, you won’t be charged. That’s the Coastal Pools promise. You can trust that we will provide an honest assessment of your pool’s condition and only recommend repairs that are truly necessary.

It’s essential to work with a qualified contractor and team. Many details go into creating a safe and beautiful swimming pool. You will need a committed and experienced team behind you.

Coastal Pools offers customers:

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Five-Star Reviews on Google
  • An Impeccable Track Record of Happy Clients
  • A Locally Owned and Operated Team in London, ON
  • A Quick Turnaround Time to Start Pool Builds.
  • Availability and Customer Support for All Our Clients

In conclusion, pool leaks don’t have to mean disaster. With Coastal Pools, you can have your pool back in prime condition with minimal fuss. Our epoxy coating service ensures that leaks can be fixed quickly, non-invasively, and with the utmost precision. And with our satisfaction guarantee and three-year warranty, you can have confidence in the durability of our repairs.

Reach out to Coastal Pools today for stress-free, efficient pool leak repairs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pool is in expert hands, and spend your summer making a splash instead of dealing with repairs.