Green Water Rescue Kit


Introducing the Green Water Rescue Chemical Kit, the ultimate solution for transforming your murky and unappealing green pool water into crystal clear and inviting blue water. This kit is specially designed to eliminate the causes of green water in your pool, such as algae and other organic matter.

The kit includes a powerful algaecide that effectively kills all forms of algae present in your pool water, preventing them from multiplying and turning your pool water green. It also contains a clarifier that helps to gather the dead algae and other organic matter into larger particles, making it easier for your pool’s filtration system to remove them.

Using the Green Water Rescue Chemical Kit is quick and easy. Simply add the recommended amount of algaecide and clarifier to your pool water, following the instructions provided in the kit. The kit is suitable for use in all types of pools and is compatible with all pool chemicals.

Say goodbye to uninviting green water and hello to crystal clear and sparkling blue water with the Green Pool Chemical Kit. Enjoy your pool with peace of mind knowing it’s healthy, clean, and ready for fun.

Aqua Super Shock 6kg

Unstabilized chlorine for weekly shock treatment. No need to pre-dissolve.

Aqua pH Plus 8kg

A dry granular material used to raise the pH of swimming pool water.

Aqua pH Minus 8kg

A dry granular material used to lower the pH of swimming pool water.

Aqua Eliminator 1kg

Removes green, yellow, and black deposits from swimming pool water. Restores water clarity.

Aqua Nok-Out 20% 1L

Used to control the growth of algae in swimming pools, being effective on green, mustard and other algae. 20% concentrated non-foaming algaecide.

Aqua Sparkling Clear 1L

A superior treatment for removing suspended solids to produce crystal clear pool water. Flocculates fine particles and dead algae to the bottom of the pool.


This test strip is a dip-n-read strip with instant results. Each bottle includes 50 test strips packaged in a waterproof PopTop bottle with hinged cap. The Insta-TEST® 6 Plus is the ultimate pool strip allowing the user to measure all 6 tests to help maintain perfect water balance.

  1. Test the pool water. Using the pH Minus or pH Plus ensure pH is about 7.2. Allow for 2 hours of circulations to ensure pH is balanced before continuing.
  2. If you have a sand filter, ensure it is set to recirculate. If you have a cartridge filter, please remove the filters and reinstall the lid.
  3. Cast the full bottle of Eliminator evenly around the pool.
  4. Pour 1L of Nok-Out evenly around the swimming pool.
  5. Using your pool brush stir and mix and eliminator into the pool for 10 minutes ensuring no Eliminator is left on the bottom of the pool. Use this time to brush all algae from the pool bottom and sides, into the water.
  6. Cast approximately 4kg of Super Shock evenly around the deep end of the pool. Using your pool brush mix all Super Shock in the pool until completely dissolved. Use this time to ensure you have brushed all the algae from the pool bottom and sides.
  7. Test the water. Ensure a chlorine level of 10 before proceeding. If chlorine is not at a 10, add more Super Shock. Repeat until chlorine is a 10.
  8. Allow 2 hours of circulation.
  9. Add the remaining Super Shock (if any) evenly around the deep end of the swimming pool. Mix in with your pool brush.
  10. Allow 1 hour of circulation.
  11. Test the water. Ensure pH is balanced in accordance with instructions on sparkling clear.
  12. Pour 1L of Sparkling Clear into the swimming pool skimmer.
  13. Continue circulating the swimming pool for 2 more hours.
  14. Turn off swimming pool pump.
  15. Ensure all pool cleaning robots are removed from the swimming pool.
  16. Allow up to 48 hours for all cloudiness and debris to settle on the bottom of the swimming pool.
  17. When you can see the bottom of the swimming pool, perform a vacuum to waste to remove all dead algae. Some dead algae may still be floating in the pool.
  18. Return sand filter to filter position or reinstall cartridges into the filter.
  19. Test the pool water. Rebalanced pH of the swimming pool to approximately 7.6 using pH Plus or pH Minus
  20. If you have a sand filter perform a backwash and rinse every 12 hours until remainder of cloudiness if gone from the pool. If you have a cartridge filter remove filters after 1 week and wash, then reinstall.


If you are unsure about any instructions, please give us a call at 519-702-2777. Coastal Pools offers green water rescue services.