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Your Above Ground Pool Team in London, Ontario

At Coastal Pools, we take great pleasure in transforming ordinary backyards into extraordinary summer retreats with our top-tier above ground swimming pool installation services. Our team is steadfastly committed to offering exceptional service and precision, enabling you to immerse in a summer of pure enjoyment.

Our adept team has the expertise to install pools in the most space-constrained yards. Even if your yard is as narrow as 36 inches wide, we have the perfect pool solution for you. With our extensive variety of pool sizes, we can accommodate any yard size, and we delight in the opportunity to make every yard a perfect place for summer fun.

In pool installations, the key to longevity and safety is thorough site preparation, and this is where our proficiency is unbeatable. We remove or grade the dirt on-site to prepare an ideal ground for your new pool. Our meticulous attention to detail includes the use of laser levels to ensure your pool is leveled to within a 1/4 inch, guaranteeing an sturdy installation every time.

We respect the value of your time and have therefore optimized our installation process to be swift and efficient. With our one-day installation service, your ordinary backyard can be transformed by sundown. Our dedicated team handles everything, from the initial setup to the final touches, all in just one day.

We also take care of the technical aspects, such as plumbing and equipment setup, with unmatched expertise. All pool equipment, including filters and pumps, are properly connected to ensure your pool runs smoothly, offering you endless fun from day one.

After the pool setup, the next step is filling it up. To simplify this process, we bring in one truckload of water for each installation, thus jump-starting your pool experience. If your pool requires additional water, we have arrangements in place to bring in more water trucks upon request. Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you’re welcome to finish filling the pool using your hose at your convenience.

Hire the Right Above-Ground Pool Installation Company

Coastal Pools does more than just installing swimming pools; we create unforgettable summer experiences right in your backyard. With our wide range of pool sizes, fast and precise installation process, and flexible water filling options, we can turn any yard into your personal aquatic paradise. Contact us today, and let Coastal Pools bring the vacation to your backyard.

Coastal Pools: Where Precision, Efficiency, and Summer Fun come together!