When it comes to swimming pools, there are a few important things: the water must be clean and clear, and the pool must be structurally sound. But one overlooked aspect of pools is the liner. The liner protects inground pool walls from water and weather damage and plays a role in the pool’s aesthetics. If you require a pool liner replacement or installation, Coastal Pools has your back. Read through for our easy 7-step process.

Custom Pool Liners

Our friendly staff will carefully measure your inground swimming pool so you can enjoy a safe and fun swim season without worrying about fit or safety concerns. The experience at Coastal Pools lends itself to a wide variety of new pool liner styles and designs that can be installed to achieve the look you desire for your backyard oasis.

Coastal Pools takes time to hand measure each client’s liner down to a sixteenth of an inch. We hand measure because overtime pools can shift. This shift can be anywhere from an inch to two inches. Hand measuring ensures a long-lasting, smooth inground pool liner every time.

We use 30 mil liners (the standard for proper liner thickness). In addition, each custom liner comes with a year-long warranty (on the condition that the pool is closed by us).

You won’t even need to worry about your old swimming pool liner. Coastal Pools removes everything and disposes of it. A complete hands-free experience from start to finish.

Liner Installation

We understand that you want your pool to look and function its best. That’s why we include all new gaskets & faceplates for the swimming liner, so it looks as good on day one of installation as your pool opening next summer! With plenty of patterns available, pick something special or go with what suits both style preferences. To help our clients, Coastal Pools brings a pool liner sample book that you can look through yourself.

Liner Replacement (Process and Timeline)

Here at Coastal Pools, we also offer liner replacements, so you can rest easy knowing that your pool is in good hands. We’ll come out, take accurate measurements and install your replacement liner in no time.

If you need a liner replacement, aim to book during pool season (May to October). Hot days are not ideal for liner replacement as the liner can stretch and potentially become wrinkled (our team will monitor this for you).

It’s important you get your liner replaced as soon as possible. If you have water draining through leaks in your liner, it can cause structural damage to your pool. Leaking can get into the concrete, freeze, and expand, causing cracks. This can also cause rust to form on the walls behind the liner. Left unchecked, any of these issues can cause more costly damage than simply replacing your liner promptly. 

Coastal Pools offers watertight vinyl pool lining replacement. It’s essential to the safe and continued operation of your swimming pool.

Pool liner replacement can be done quickly and efficiently when you partner with Coastal Pools. Our 7 step approach makes it easy.

Remove the old liner and dispose of it

Evaluate the lines with pressures tests (on occasion, there are leaks, and they are easiest to fix when the liner is removed)

Inspect concrete, look for rust, and ensure there are no other existing issues or concerns that the liner usually covers

Measure the pool liner to ensure a perfect fit

Order the new liner from our supplier

Install the new liner

Install new gaskets and faceplates (Coastal Pools always supplies new ones)

*Pressure testing is unique to Coastal Pools. We ensure everything is done right so your lining will last 10-15 years. We take the initiative and ensure your pool is in good condition both now and in the future. Our expertise allows us to be your go-to pool service company. Many pool liner companies will avoid pointing out issues in your pool to secure the sale.

Expected Timeline

The longest wait time will be associated with the manufacturer lead times. Pool liners are custom made and custom fit. Once we have the liner, it can be installed within a few days.

Pool owners should change their liner every 10 to 15 years. Five years of your pool liner’s lifespan can fluctuate depending on how well your pool chemicals were balanced. Talk with us to learn more about proper pool chemistry. A few signs to know when you should change your liner:

  • Your liner will become brittle and discolored
  • Your pool lining pattern begins to fade
  • You begin to notice water levels decreasing more than usual
  • Heavy wrinkling can begin to happen in your pool liner
Remember, don’t try to force your pool into next year. If you have an issue, get it fixed. More damage, cost, and hassle will occur if you try a quick fix or ignoring the issue. Change your liner, avoid the hassle, and enjoy your pool. If there is a very small leak, we can perform liner repair (if that is the correct solution).

Yes. However, the above-ground pool liners are not readily available from suppliers. A custom order will need to be made. These are often more expensive than a regular above-ground liner. (This is subject to change based on supplies)

We have partnered with a manufacturer to offer our clients over 30 different patterns to pick from. We always bring a liner sample book to allow you to find the perfect liner for your pool.

Our pool liner materials are:

  • Vinyl
  • 30 mil (thickness)
  • We use vinyl pool liner for over stairs (40 mil thickness)
  • Our pool liners are made locally in London, Ontario
    • Offering good warranties
    • Supporting local businesses

It’s essential to work with a qualified contractor and team. Many details go into creating a safe and beautiful swimming pool. You will need a committed and experienced team behind you.

Coastal Pools offers customers:

  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • 50+ Five-Star Reviews on Google
  • An Impeccable Track Record of Happy Clients
  • A Locally Owned and Operated Team in London, ON
  • A Quick Turnaround Time to Start Pool Builds.
  • Availability and Customer Support for All Our Clients

Not sure about replacing your liner on your own? The experts at Coastal Pools are here to help. Our certified professionals will ensure your liner is replaced quickly and efficiently so you can return to enjoying your pool.

We offer a wide range of services to keep your pool looking and functioning at its best. From regular maintenance to repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our pool liner replacement service or to book an appointment.