April can be unpredictable, but it is starting to get warmer! If you own a pool, you want to be ready for when the warm weather arrives. That is why we have our Pool Opening Kit and our Pool Start-Up Kit. These kits contain chemicals and other supplies for our do-it-yourself pool openers. You will also want to subscribe to receive our monthly Pool Maintenance Kits.  This subscription will include some of the chemicals you will need for your pool to stay open. And it will keep you supplied throughout the pool season. 

When should I open my pool? 

The best time to open your pool is when the daily high is 60 °F or 15 °C for several days. The nighttime lows should be above freezing. In Southwestern Ontario, we sometimes get an unexpected stretch of warm weather as early as April or May. Opening your pool when it starts to get warm ensures that the algae won’t have time to get established. 

What else do I need to have on hand to open my pool?

In addition to your opening kit, you will need some tools on hand to uncover and clean your pool. We recommend having a telescopic pole with skimmer, rake, brush, and vacuum attachments. Unless you have a safety cover for your pool, you will also need a pool cover pump. 

Uncovering your pool

Your pool cover may have collected water, leaves, and other debris over the winter. To remove the debris, use your telescopic pole with the skimmer net or the leaf rake attachment. Then, use a pool cover pump to remove standing water from the cover. Carefully remove the pool cover, being cautious to not allow debris to fall into the pool. If you have a safety cover, you won’t need the pump. Simply use a brush attachment to push debris off the cover before removing it. 

Getting your pool and equipment ready     

Remove the winterizing plugs from your pool’s return lines and skimmer. Reattach any equipment that was removed for the winter, including ladders, handrails, and diving boards. Reinstall your pool filter, pump, and any other equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure everything is securely connected and functioning properly.

Fill the pool with water to its normal operating level. As you fill the pool, check for any leaks or damage that may have occurred during the winter months. Address any issues before proceeding.

Turn on the pool pump and filtration system and check it for leaks. Ensure all your equipment is working properly.

Attach a vacuum head and hose to the telescopic pole and vacuum the pool, removing any remaining debris. Then attach a pool brush to your telescopic pole. Use it to brush the pool walls, floor, and steps to remove any dirt, algae, and debris.

Conditioning your pool water using Coastal Pool kits

Once your pool and equipment are ready, you can start the process of chemically conditioning your pool. This process can be daunting and confusing for do-it-yourself pool owners. Coastal Pools has provided two pool kits to make life easier: the Opening Kit and the Start-Up Kit. These two kits plus our Pool Maintenance subscription will provide all the chemicals, testing equipment and instructions you need. We suggest you take advantage of these three offers for a successful start and an enjoyable pool season. And note that all our Coastal Pool kits service pools with up to a 100,000-litre capacity.

The initial balancing of pool chemicals using our Pool Opening Kit

Our Pool Opening Kit contains the very first chemicals that will go into your pool water. It includes a chemical treatment to remove and prevent metal stains and scale build-up on your pool surfaces. It also includes an algicide and a non-chlorine shock treatment. Simply follow the manufacturers’ instructions to adjust the water chemistry in your pool. Remember to always add chemicals to water, not water to chemicals.

Use our Pool Start-Up Kit to shock your pool water

Your next step is to shock the pool using our Pool Start-Up Kit product. This helps to further eliminate bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific pool shock product included in your Start-Up kit. For chlorinated pools, dissolve the shock in a bucket of water and distribute it around the pool’s perimeter. Allow the shock treatment to circulate for at least 8 hours before proceeding. 

If you have a saltwater pool you will want to select the Start-Up Kit for saltwater pools. This kit will include the salt needed for the initial conditioning of your pool. You will add this salt a bit later in the process (see below). Your Start-Up Kit will include instructions appropriate for your saltwater pool system.

Use the test strips from your Pool Start-Up Kit

Now it is time to check your pool’s water chemistry using the test strips provided in your Start-Up Kit. These will help you ensure that pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels are within the recommended ranges. Adjust the water chemistry as needed using the appropriate pool chemicals which come in our monthly subscription kits.

The second shock – using your Pool Start-Up Kit

Once your pool water is chemically balanced, you will need to shock your pool a second time. This will ensure that any remaining contaminants are eliminated. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the shock product included in your Start-Up Kit.

Install skimmer socks from your Pool Start-Up Kit 

Place a skimmer sock over each of your skimmer baskets to reduce the strain on your filter. Skimmer socks help catch smaller debris and particles before they reach your pool’s filtration system. They are made with a fine, durable mesh and will stretch slightly to fit easily over your skimmer baskets. The skimmer socks you will need for the season are included in your Pool Start-Up Kit. 

Add salt to saltwater pools

If you have a saltwater pool, now is the time to add the salt included in your Start-Up Kit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper amount of salt to add based on your pool’s size and the current salinity level.

Maintaining a beautiful pool

Congratulations, you have opened your pool! It is sparkling clean and inviting for your family and friends. Now is the perfect time to establish a regular maintenance routine. This will keep your pool clean and safe for swimming throughout the season. The ideal routine will include:

  • Skimming the pool surface daily to remove debris
  • Vacuuming the pool weekly or as needed to eliminate dirt and buildup
  • Testing and adjusting the water chemistry at least once a week (or more frequently during heavy use) *
  • Cleaning the filter as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Replacing skimmer socks as needed

By following these maintenance steps, you’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming environment for you and your family all summer long.

*For the chemicals required to adjust your pool chemistry, subscribe to our Monthly Maintenance Pool Kit.

We are here to help out

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions!  Or visit our new online store. It will help you select the pool kits you need to open and maintain your pool this summer.